Sunday, September 16, 2007

D had an EEG

Last tuesday was D's eeg at Children's. It was to monitor his brain activity and see if there are any signs of seizures. I do not have the results yet, but let me say how traumatic that was!

It started out with a midnight IHOP run with some friends of ours. D was up til at least 1am, and I woke him up at 6ish to go to school. He did fine at school, they said. But was definitely exhausted. He did "ok" while the electrodes were being put on, but I had to talk him down every few minutes. And finally D melted DOWN after the electrodes were on his head and I ended up having to restrain him for over an HOUR til he passed out asleep because he would NOT leave his hands off his head! I felt like the worst mom ever! (Please no comments about that, I already feel horrible!)

Fortunately, the tech thinks she got a good sleep reading, we let him sleep for 30 minutes, and then woke him up to do the strobe light, etc.

But OMG the three days at school since then have been ROUGH. Three yellow days in a row! And I barely tolerate one! I'm so praying that it was just his schedule disruption. We had a busy weekend but I'll get in to that in a newer post.

I really hope we get results soon! Oh yeah...and D broke my camera! So I had to take pics of the IHOP run and the EEG with a disposable camera and OMG NONE of them turned out!!!! I was just heartbroken!!! *sigh*

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Chera said...

BIG HUGS to you guys - EEG's are TOUGH, they are NOT easy & you are not a horrible mother! BIG hugs!!!

Chera :)