Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Tball game!

D had his first tball game on Saturday! At 8am...oy!
It went well, D did good when he was batting and running bases, because he follows routine well, so he knew to stay on the base til someone told him to run to the next! lol
Outfielding was another story...I really had to talk him through that time (one parent was allowed on the field per child on defense) was frustrating but he worked it out just fine, and while it was tiring, I was pleased with how it went!!

Here's pics...keep in mind, D broke my camera...blah, so these are from an outdoor disposable one til I get mine fixed or get a new one...

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Chera said...

Those are GREAT pix, especially with a disposable! Glad he had a great game, he looks like he loves it! :D