Sunday, July 27, 2008

A crazy busy day!

It really was! First we hit up Picnic in the Park hosted by the City of Carrollton, then we joined our friends Casey and her son at Rosemeade Rainforest for some swimming. Then home for a rest, and then we hit up Stonebriar Mall with Teresa and her little boy, did some shopping and ate dinner there. And finally we hit up Dave and Busters for a bit to play some trivia. Crazy day! But we had a blast!

D checking out the firetruck at the picnic

His new fireman hat

D and M...buddies!

Casey...sportin the fireman

Me...posin...of course

We wanted them to rock out...instead, we got peace...

Peace out, dude!

On to Rosemeade Rainforest!

Boy in a float...just chillin

After swimming, snowcones!!!

At Stonebriar with Teresa doing some shopping

J and the whale he commandeered

Such excitement over getting to watch the hockey players while we ate dinner

Getting some Mommy


Uhhh, Teresa, need a nap? lol

A cameo appearance by the beautiful Giovanna

This is what Dave and Busters is all about!

Some mirrored elevator fun!

And some phone booth fun...

I put D down when we got home to take off his shoes...and yeah, he passed

I woke him up long enough to take his meds and get ready for bed, and he's all tucked in and tuckered out...

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