Sunday, July 20, 2008

My evening out!

Last night was an overnight for D, and a night OUT for me! My aunt and brother kept D overnight at their house, and as for me...I got a pedicure, got some Starbucks, hit up Dave and Busters for dinner and gametime with some other DAM moms, and then...I went out with some friends. And did some things I will NOT post pics So you'll just have to leave those to your imagination, or email me asking where we went...I will say, it was TOTALLY a first for me, but I had a blast! After we left where we went at 2am, we hit up IHOP and I think I made it home a little before 4am. And can not wait for my next night out, which will prolly be in a few months once I get down closer to 250 or hit 250. Thanks to my friends for getting me out to do it!

D is READY to go

Teresa and I got pedicures first...

My first time doing that too!

Purty colorssssss

On to Dave and Busters! Kristin and her friend

Me and CathyAnn

Then Jenn got there so we squished

We played some trivia...ok LOTS of trivia

Cathy Ann and Jenn

She's tryna help fold up Kristin's massive amount of tickets

Whew, almost done

As for the rest of the night...well...just ask...

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