Saturday, July 05, 2008

Family Reunion *VERY img heavy!*

Today was our annual Ragsdale Family Reunion down at the lake. We had a great time even though we had to drive two hours there and back today. D did a great job, even took a short nap for me. Here's some pictures!

Ready to go boating

A view of the house and pier from the boat

Me and my boy

My cousin Grant about to go skiing

My cousin-in-law Erin and my brother Chris

Grant, up he goes...D was fascinated that he was standing on the

So excited to watch Grant ski!

And excited again that we were GOIN FAST...

Uh oh, D's at the wheel, hold on!!!

So we all jumped in at the cove (its 40 feet deep so we like to swim out there and just let the boat drift a bit), not realizing that Grant was gonna find my camera and take some sneak pics...(I think in this pic we had realized he was doin something)

My cousin Josh, D and Chris just chillin

My grandma's nephew, his wife, and daughter?

My grandma's other nephew (brother to the nephew above) and his wife

My aunts (the 4th stayed in Houston), aren't they pretty? Funny thing is...the oldest is the shortest...the youngest is the

Grant tryna be cool...oh well, he's about to be a daddy of TWO, he can do it...

My cousin Lance, finally in a picture, and his wife Erin

The food is coming OUT

I'ma title this one "WTF???"

D opening up the favor that all the kids got...

Woohoo, breaking out the slip and slide...

There goes D...

My aunt Donna, comin out on the pier

Awww what a good uncle...

Two of my aunts

They both want the tube...hey it works...

Me just chillin watching D in the water

Some of the other kids that came...

Donna towing D around...

Banzai!!! Yeah he flipped off

Come play with me!

Carol getting a rideeee

D and aunt Donna in the boat

Our happy uncle Rob...

YES the boat was in I know it looks funny but I love the rest of the picture...just ignore my flying hair...

D and his "best friend" (watch out Lance! Competition!)

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Helen said...

I love the "goin fast" pic! That's great!