Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First bluebonnet pics of the year!

Yesterday on the way to dinner, I passed the field where we did bluebonnet pics last year, and I saw some blue scattered over it. Bluebonnets are here!!! This was my first sighting of them this year and I was so excited. They aren't super thick yet but are most definitely there. So today I made sure I had D's spring-ish shirt with us and we went by there on the way home. He also got a fresh haircut yesterday, so was looking quite dapper. We will probably go back in a few weeks once they thicken up and get some better shots, but I had to share these. OH and please ignore the ashy knees...lol I'd just picked him up from school, I'll make sure to bring lotion next time!


Abbie said...

Yay for spring pictures and beautiful children! He's a doll!

Helen said...

Can you even believe it's time for bluebonnets already?