Friday, March 20, 2009

Phase One of my backyard revamp begins...

Here is our backyard. Awful, huh? Well keep an eye out here...its about to get better. I'm starting a minor revamp project to get it looking like a kid's backyard. This is gonna take some work!!! If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment!

The view from our back gate (the carport is on the other side of the fence on the left, the backdoor of our house is on the right)

The back gate (which is where I was standing to take the above pic), this pic was taken from the back door...this area always floods when it rains hard which makes it quite annoying to leave the house!!!

Another view from the backdoor, just to the right of the above pic

A closer look (I had just dumped out the nasty rain water that had collected in the swimming pool, its drying out right now and I want to rig it so I can hang it on the fence), you can kinda see it but its mainly rock dirt

Another view from the back door

A view of the back door on left and backgate on right (you can see the gap from backdoor to backgate, and I wish I could figure a way to put a cover over that so we don't get rained on going to the carport (which is outside the backgate) Most of the area on the right floods during hard rain, any ideas for that?


J said...

what about buying some type of a carport style thing for cover?

Helen said...

I have no ideas, but good luck!