Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our DAM DITL - a 5K and more!

Today is our Day In The Life for DAM. We had quite the busy day planned.

This was D when I went in to check on

He's awake but not super happy...

Ok all dressed and ready to go!

Let's DO this 5K, momma! Yes I know his 5K shirt is too

Singing to Mandisa in the car

Yeah we were a little rained out. It was also a bike rally, and those were some diehard bikers!!

So we did our breakfast splurge first!!!

And our friend Teresa with her DH and lil man J joined us, hi, J!

Mmmm sausage!

I got the bacon temptation omelette..and no, I could not finish it...oy! I was so sick

Oh yeah and hashbrowns...eeek

There's Teresa helping J with some syrup

D got really drowsy really fast after he cleaned his plate!

And passed out in the car on the way to the Galleria.

Silly boy, ready for a walk!! Instead of the outside 5K...we decided to do some mall walking...

A quick water break

And we did it! Actually a tad more than a 5K...we did 3.4 miles in an hour flat. Go us!

J didn't make it the whole way...

Back at home and time for naps!

Then D played quietly for a bit this afternoon...

And a snack of strawberry newtons before heading to church!

No pics from at church, but afterward we met my friend for some yummy Souper Salad! Hi, Teedy! (Thats what D calls her)

Kristen, D, and me

Back at home and almost time for bed, its storytime!

And finally, D is in the bed... night night DAM!!!

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