Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Our new fave playarea!

We hit up the new Village at Allen play area this past Monday and loved it!!! Its fully gated, and even has a maze. All the little buildings are just adorable!

D pumping some gas

At the bank...gon get some money!

Tickets please!!

Hey! Where my money!

M's pumping gas now

Playing with camera

Such a poser...

More camera settings

I see you, D!!! Peeking over the maze, he was lost!

Found you!

Its Beth!

Sweet boys...

Gazing into the fire...wondering what he can get into...

And short jaunt to TRU to check out the new rides...


Abbie said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Helen said...

I SO have to go there! Actually, I was there a few weeks ago, but didn't even see the play area somehow. That place is amazing.