Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!! (Check out his

We spent the weekend in Oklahoma City visiting my dad and his wife. We had a great time! On saturday we went to Bricktown to eat lunch and walked along the river. At one end of it, we went into Bass Pro Shops, and then walked over to these huge statues of wagons and horses, etc. It was really neat!

D played outside in their backyard a LOT this weekend with their dog, so there are plenty of pics of that too.

On Sunday, (Mothers Day!), we joined Liz at church, and then back to their house for more play and lunch with their side of the family. I was messing with D, but it was still a wonderful lunch! I hope all of you moms had as good a Mothers Day as I did. My one sadness was that my own mom is barely a part of our lives, but I love that we are getting to know my dad and his wife more. Here's pics...

At Bass Pro Shops...HUGE bear

At the statues

My dad posin...

Neat statues!

Me and my baby

My dad goofin off on the statue

And D joining in on the fun!

Back at the house..hereeee kitty!!!! Where are you?

D got Molly's Woobah (Molly is their dog)

Come back here, Mowwy!

Hahaha GOT IT!!

Chillin with Liz for a sec

My bro, chillin in the hammock

I got the woobah!!! And you can't have it!

Nooooooo, don't take it from me!!!

Passed OUT on the couch at 7pm...he slept til 6am...po baby was wore OUT...

Next day, my dad and D hanging out in the swing


Beth said...

Looks like you and D had another great weekend!! Im so glad you got to spend time with your dad and Liz. You are a wonderful mom and deserved a great day, Im glad you got it!! Happy Mother's Day!

Helen said...

What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day (weekend)! D is so blessed to have you as his mom. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!