Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Artfest adventure

Sunday, we hit up Artfest at Fair Park. However, we decided to make it a bit of an adventure. We took the train down! And then a bus over to Fair Park. Beth and her family joined us, and we had a great time although on the way back, we missed our bus and had to wait in the HOTTTTT afternoon for 45 minutes til the next one. But overall, we loved it. Here's pics...

Waitin for the train, its 9am, EARLY!!

On the train! Lets go! Rapido!

Shane (Beth's DH) and Brian

LOVE this pic of Micah!

We took the train down here and had to wait for our bus...

A view straight up

In honor of Memorial Day...thanks to all our HEROES!

Welcome to Artfest!

The kids (well, mainly us helping) got to build building out of boxes and art supplies

D was already tired and not having much of it

Mommy helping with

But he did smile to show off the beach house!

I'm not sure what Shane made

Micah showing his apartment building off

Then the kids got their faces painted! Of course, D got a firetruck...

My big almost-4-year-old!

We ate lunch at the restaurant there at Fair Park...I DID stay on the diet. I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich and less than half my fries...

Micah showing off his face paint too...another firetruck!

Shortly after, D was sacked OUT...

My camera died so these are from Beth's camera. We let the boys do the bungee jump ride.

No pics from the ride home...I'll just was long...and HOT...but we made it! After we got home and ate, Beth and I took the boys to the Heights pool to go swimming and had a blast there too! What a neat day!

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Helen said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT weekend! I bet D is passed out tonight!