Sunday, May 04, 2008

Our trip to Sea World!

So this weekend we hit up Seaworld!!! We left the house at 430am on Saturday, and made it to San Antonio about 930am, perfect for SW opening at 10! We stayed there til dinnertime where we left to go outside of SW for dinner (Texas Roadhouse) and then went back to see the last Shamu show and stay there til they shutdown at 9pm. Sadly, my camera battery died as soon as we got back to SW for the late show, so the pics end at that, but if Beth got some good ones last night and today, I'll add those later.

Today (Sunday), we took the boys to the Ingram Park Mall in S.A. to play, and then went downtown to go to The Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. D and I left pretty shortly after that to head home. He did not sleep the ENTIRE WAY HOME...we stopped at my aunts in DeSoto to see them real quick, and only THEN did D fall asleep once back in the car...he is currently sacked out and I SO need to head that way too! Enjoy the pics!

We made it!! (It was a bit cool when we got there...)

Mommy and D ready to see dolphins

Beth and Micah waiting too...

Here they are!

What a brave boy! D would NOT try to touch em...

Off to the coral reef...where we spotted a diver...

Yup, thats D...he's fascinated with aquatic life...

D and Micah watching the sharks

Waiting on Micah and Shane to finish up on the little rollercoaster...

The crazy dude at the Beluga Whale/dolphin Viva! show...

"They jumping over the water, mommy!"

A lunch break...showing off that souvenir

Awww Brian woke up from his nap...NOT happy


Brian wants his DADDY'S meal...forget the chicken and fries!

The sealion show

The walrus that came out...D threw a FIT when leaving because last year, the walrus "clapped its paws" and it didn't do it this year...FYI, this pic is of the walrus doing

Checkin out alligator alley

And checkin out the penguins

Like this one

Three sleepy boys chillin in the stroller

3 boys watchin the roller coaster

Water playtime!

He knows he's cute...


We left the park to go to dinner...


Yes, I told the waiter it was Beth's bday...


Mommy and D...nope, no sunburn here!

This one needs no explanation

Bein a happy boy!

W Family Portrait

We're back to see Shamu!!!

And this is where my camera died...hopefully more pics to come!!


Beth said...

Brandie we had a blast with you guys at Seaworld and were SO glad we got to experience it with you!! You and D were great Seaworld guides hehehe... Thanks for taking so many pics of me, because lord knows I sure didnt! ;) I want you to BURN the pic of me on the saddle! LOL so glad to have had you guys with us. **hugs** I hope you guys had has much fun as we did!

Dawn Endres said...

What a fun trip! You all look so cute and I bet it was a blast. My wish is to go there some day.