Monday, May 26, 2008

A Memorial Day Adventure

Happy Memorial Day!!! We had another adventure! We joined up with Beth and Micah, and our other friend from DAM, Jenn and her daughter to take the train and a bus to the Addison Fountains for a DAM Picnic! We had a blast and the kids did really great...

Ready to get on the train again!

Jenn came too!

Puttin on some sunscreen

Jenn's daughter and D being silly

HAHA the marquis behind her says it all...

Micah's ready to go

WOOOOOO go Beth...rollin that pant

Come onnnnn...

What a cutie!

Waterfall fun...

Come swim with us!


Bein silly

Ahhhh refreshing

A LOT of boys in one place!


Proof that Teresa and her little man

More refreshment

Our twins

A quick snack break...

D's friend is here!!! He loves her...

I think she loves him too...

They're so cute!

DAM moms

The Losin Together chicks

Jenn and her kiddo

D passed OUT on the bus

Sssshhh so did she...*sssshhh not really, she's fakin*

Micah was just chilllllllllin

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