Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grandma's Birthday...lots of pics!

Well yesterday was my grandma's 82nd birthday...go grandma!!! So today we had a cookout at my aunt's house. We had a great time and D did a good job of staying out of the pool, although we did let him put his feet in it and's pics...

Splish splash splish splash, getting my pants all wet!!!

Playin with aunt Donna (with pants all wet from the pool)

Well pants had to come off cause they were wet, but we got MICKEY MOUSE!

Happy Birthday, GRANDMA!!!

Thanks, Uncle Chris, for fixing my truck!

Hehe, silly boy...

He loves him some Aunt Donna

Being goofy with uncle Chris' shoes

Gettin silly with uncle Mike

Man, that pool looks inviting!!!

He was tryna convince aunt Carol to take him outside...wasn't working...

And now, a fun game of flip backward off the ottoman and scare everyone!!!

Bringing in the Dora bucket

Sweet boy!

Chillin with aunt Carol, while saying bye to Donna and Chris

Showin off the new jammies that Grandma gave him!!

And love this one, cause it shows off his pretty eyes!!!

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