Monday, April 23, 2007

Twas a good weekend

So...D and I had a good weekend. I'm still broke as hell, but we did all cheap stuff so it rocked.
I wish I had pictures from all this, but I don't...if I get some, I'll post was our weekend...

Friday after I picked up D from school, we went to Cicis for dinner ($6 for BOTH of us to eat, gotta love that! PLUS D really likes their spinach alfredo pizza...its good for him! lol) then we headed to my friend's oldest sons soccer game. We got there early so let the boys play on the playground near by. I told my friend, its so nice now to let D play and not have to be up every second to usher him back from running off. He's gotten SO mature! Yeah, he has his days (minutes, hours) of pushing boundaries but he's gotten SO much better!
Jalen played a good game, he's 10 so those boys are a lot better on the field than the 4 year olds we saw on Saturday when we went to Jai's game.
It was a fun game, we had to walk forever since they switched fields at the last minute, but I needed the exercise after And D was in his stroller so he didn't get over tired.
On Saturday, I slept wayyyyyy in. D has been very well trained to come in my room in the morning and shut the door so he can't get out. Then he has toys in there or he can lay on a pillow on the floor or come cuddle in bed with me, his choice, and he'll rotate out while I catch a little more sleep.
At 1, we went to Jai's game. I'm just astounded at the cuteness! lol A teacher from D's school came to watch the game and D LOVED that. She was there to see Jai, but D knows her too so he had to get his time in! He did ok, not in his stroller, so I had to put him on lock down a few times, but overall he did fine.
After the game we headed home and took niceeeee naps, then played until church Saturday evening.
Sunday, we went to my grandmas for lunch and D played his little heart out outside until we left at 4 to go to a bday party for a little man named Jacob, who turns 5 tomorrow! What a big boy!!! It was a fun surprise party, the kids played with little water guns, D had the pinky out tryin to squirt his, it was hilarious! Then we ate hot dogs and chips and finally CUPCAKES. Yup, D was a MESS, but he had a BLAST! Jacob got lots of neat Spiderman stuff!

Back to work was actually a good day although I was tiredddddd...

Like I said, if I see any of the pics that were taken, I'll put em up here...otherwise, too bad!

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Ringmaster K said...

I think I've got a pic or 2 of lil man somewhere...

stupid me didn't charge the batteries for my own kid's party!

It was awesome to see you guys!