Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our Easter Weekend at the Lake!

We spent our weekend down at Jacksonville Lake in East Texas. My grandparents have a lake house there, right on the lake. Crazy thing is, Saturday, it SNOWED all day!!! Which was absolutely amazing to see, even though none of it stuck to the ground. So we had to stay inside most of the day, but here's pics anyway!

The mist off the lake!

D being cute!

Singing to us as entertainment

Chillin with Aunt Donna

We went downstairs for a few...

More mist!

Sweet boy all ready to go night night!

Good morning! Happy Easter!

Watchin the ducks on the lake

Playin with MATER!

Mimicking Aunt Donna in front of the heater, it was COLD

Munchin on Easter Egg hunt goodies!

Yup, mooched a few more eggs!

Thats not candy, silly boy!

Playing with uncle Chris

Aunt Donna got Pooh Build A Bear a new outfit!

It dried up a bit so we went outside!

I just thought this one looked NEAT!

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Ringmaster K said...

It looks like D had a GREAT Easter!
He is so stinkin cute!