Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Weekend 2007

Happy Memorial Day to all!
I thought about my grandad a lot today, he was a gunner on a bomber during WWII.
Well, this weekend was AWESOME, and part of it SUPER SUCKED! Saturday was GREAT, sorta...saturday midday we met up with some other moms from Dallas Area Moms and their beautiful kiddos for a fountain playdate in Addison! (I took no pics so I'm waiting on their permission to post pics of D on here that got taken...there were some CUTE ones) I think we were there about 2 hours. So we got home at 2:30 or so, and D and I both took a nap. Then we got up to eat some dinner before getting ready for church. Well, about 6, I was laying in bed while D watched tv, and I could NOT get up, could not see straight, NOTHIN.
I think it was a horrible migraine, either that or food poisoning. So from 6-8pm I was laying in bed with D right by my side (poor kid, he had NO clue what was goin on, but he would NOT leave my side, not even to watch Dora!). Well at 8, I kept feeling nauseous, so I put him in bed, and yup, about 10 minutes later, and for the next 2 hours, I was throwing up. FUN. About 10, I laid back down in bed, exhausted, and fell asleep til the next morning. Sunday morning, I actually felt better. Queasy still, but MUCH better than the night before! So we continued with going to the lake which is two hours away in East Texas. We were there from Sunday til today (Monday) and had a BLAST. Here's pics!

Ok, I got my lifejacket, LETS GET IN THE BOAT!

YAY, we in da BOAT!!

After the boat ride, a quick dip

Ewwww, mommy I don't like this seaweed!!!

Sleepy boy after all that!!

Wake up Uncle Chris! I wanna go play in my little pool!

But first, some pull ups!

Ready??? Set????


Whatchu lookin at??

Come on Uncle Rob!!! I wanna go in the boat again!

YAY! Here he comes!!

Muahahaha, I'm captain of this ship!!

Ok Ok I'll just be navigator!!

Me and my MOMMY!!!

Acckkk Uncle Chris got me!!!

Gotta run far, far, away!!!!
Sleepy boy on the way home, all tuckered out!

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