Monday, May 21, 2007

A wet n wild weekend (no, not the waterpark!)

So it was a good weekend. I wish I had slept more but thats ok. I'll make it up someday this week...umm...yeah right!

On Friday evening, we went over to my friend Kristen's place to hang out and let D play with her nephew. We ended up staying there til about 11pm. YAWN. D passed OUT when we got home. We ended up watching Greys Anatomy while over there. Her nephew fell asleep and D was chillin with me on the couch, he did really well!

Saturday we got up kinda late, went to Discount Tire to get me a new tire for my vehicle, we ate lunch at Braums while we waited. Then off to get my inspection done on my truck, and then home for a niceeeeeeeeee 2 hour nap for both of us! After that, we met up with Kristen and her
nephew and a friend of hers at the Willowbend playarea, and let the kiddos run some energy off! And finally we headed to the pool to swim with my friend Stacy and her two boys. The water was helllllllllla cold, omg, and D just about drowned. lol He was ok, he was in a swim ring and was flailing around so much that his arms slipped out. Poor baby was hanging onto that ring for all he was worth! Jalen was close to him so he grabbed him and dragged him in to the stairs though it was hard for him too. They were both fine, and D seemed a little more conscious of the water, a little healthy fear never hurt anyone! We went home after trying to swim for a bit longer, D took a warm bath and into bed he went! We compromised church to go swimming, but we will prolly go on wednesday evening so I figured that would make up for it.

Sunday was fun, we went to my grandmas for lunch as usual. D played outside in a little pool that we got him, he had a blast splashing everyone, and then we headed to a birthday party for one of his classmates. It was a lot of fun! Two other classmates of his were there too. They had a bounce house, sub sandwiches, cake and stuff. My allergies started acting up there so I kept sneezing, and finally right before presents, we left. When we got home, D and I went in my room to play, and I ended up half falling asleep on the bed, knocked out from my allergies. When I woke up about 7:30, D was just laying on the bed beside me, he was half asleep too, so I put him in bed, and by then I was awake enough to go play on the computer.

BTW These pics were taken on my new CELLPHONE! The Motorola Razr V3xx...LOVE IT!

The birthday boy and D bouncing around
Yes, the boys were wearing the same shirt!!! lol

Hope you guys had a great weekend...

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