Saturday, May 12, 2007

Taste Addison 2007!

Ok this is very pic-heavy, but anywho, last night and today we hit up Taste Addison. Last night it was just D and I, though we did see a chick from DAM and her two little girls and played with them for a bit. Then today, D and I went with my best friend and her two boys, Jai and Jalen.
It was SO hot but the boys had a blast! Here's pics.

Ready to get this STARTED!

Oooohhh, can I ride this??

Up we go!

Higher, higher!

AND Mommy's heart is in her throat! D loved it!

Off to the fountains to PLAY!

It got me!



Little footprints, big boy!

A pensive pose

Woooo I need a break!


Love me some water!

Ummm, my pants are saggin, mama!


ROUND TWO begins!

Jalens does flips!

Jai's not quite sure about this one!

D's flyin high again!

Back to the fountains!

Yeah, I'm cool like that too...

Calgon take me away!!!

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