Friday, May 04, 2007

Teacher Appreciation Week

So this week was Teacher Appreciation week at D's school. I had a good time thinking up something different to do each day, something inexpensive that D could help me with at least a's a rundown of what we did (I took pics of each one, but I'll upload those tonite).

Monday - I sent an e-card, wanted something verbal then.

Tuesday - let D put his handprints in paint on a brown paper lunch sack, filled it with 2 Dr Peppers, a snickers bar, some b12 strips, and then wrote on the bag "Heres an energy boost for when you need a break from these little hands!" LOL Oh and I let him color a picture for his
teacher too. (No pics of Tuesdays, I know, I suck)

Wednesday - my friend Melissa gave me the idea of making flowers from pipe cleaners. So I spent my whole lunchtime on Tuesday doing this. I had seen a picture of a tulip which I really needed to see that one to do, but the rest I winged it. It turned out REALLY cute I think, and they really weren't hard, but after the 5th or 6th one, I ran outta ideas, so just made some abstract I guess it worked. I put them in a vase and a bigger flower in a bud vase to give to the other PK2 teacher. D loves BOTH these teachers and asks about them the whole way home from school, and every morning I hear "go school, Mama?" and then "and see Rigdon? and see De la rosa?" Its too cute. You'd think I'd be tired of hearing it all the time, but I just love that he's so happy there.

Thursday - I found this poem for preschool teachers online so I printed it out on pretty paper and framed it. Both teachers got one of these.

Heres the poem:

Although you're not their parent, You care for them each day.
You cuddle, sing, and read to them and watch them as they play.
You see each new accomplishment You help them grow and learn.
You understand their language and you listen with concern.
They come to you for comfort and you kiss away their tears.
They proudly show their work to you You give the loudest cheers!
No, you are not their parent but your role is just as strong.
You nurture them and keep them safe though maybe not for long.
You know someday the time will come when you will have to part.
But you know each child you've cared for is Forever in your heart.


And finally today Friday: Cookies from Jen's Place Bakery which is near my work (LOVE that place, their desserts are DA BOMB). I wrapped them in tissue paper and put them on top of these little plastic clay pots, and on the side of the pots wrote "With Love, From Devon" and then on top of the cookies, a picture of little hands holding flowers, and below that I wrote "Look inside for a sweet surprise and know that you are prayed for and appreciated for everything that you do for the kids!"
Both teachers got one of these, plus another teacher and the director.
(They are the other two that D asks about in the morning).

I cannot say or even begin to express how much I appreciate ALL the teachers at his school, and I wish I could afford to totally bless each and every one of them. I pray that my prayers are sufficient for them.

Well, we don't have too many plans this weekend. We are gonna hit up the Wiggly Play Center tonite. But tomorrow I am getting some little skin biopsies so I don't think I'll be feeling up to much except that and church. Then Sunday is lunch at my grandma's as usual. If I feel
up to it, maybe the Zoo on Sunday afternoon since we have an annual pass. We'll see!

Have a great weekend!

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